Roll Off Container Sizes From Texas Roll Offs

dsc_0290crop-11We provide roll off containers from 12 to 40 yards for any project or need. One common question we get is, “What size of roil off dumpster do I need?” Roll off containers are measured in cubic yards and your needs are determined by what kind of material and how much of it you need to remove.

A 15 cubic yard container can hold up to 10 tons on waste materials and measure 14 feet long by 8 feet wide by 5 feet high. Smaller roll off containers are best for smaller jobs like a backyard renovation with dirt, brush, and concrete or a roofing project with the old roofing materials needing to be removed.

A 30 cubic yard dumpster can hold up to 10 tons and measures 23 feet long by 8 feet wide by 7 feet high. These are ideal for construction sites, remodels, and large cleanups for commercial or residential environments.

Container Sizes

Capacity Height Width Length
12 Cubic Yards 48 Inches 96 Inches 12 Feet
12 Cubic Yards 48 Inches 92 Inches 15 Feet
15 Cubic Yards 60 Inches 92 Inches 14 Feet
20 Cubic Yards 55 Inches 96 Inches 23 Feet
30 Cubic Yards 82 Inches 96 Inches 23 Feet
40 Cubic Yards 96 Inches 96 Inches 23 Feet

2016-10-05Material Waste Information

We are only able to remove type 4 waste which includes brush, construction materials, roofing materials, concrete, rock, dirt, etc. We are not allowed to dispose of household garbage, foods or animal products, hazardous materials, medical waste, paint, explosives, etc.

Container Delivery, Emptying, and Removal

With Texas Roll Offs, your roll off dumpster is delivered to your site to be used for any length of time you need. When the container is full or you are finished with it, we remove the dumpster and dispose of the waste materials in an approved landfill. We work within the local laws for proper waste disposal for each area we service so you will know that your waste is taken care of.

2016-10-05concrete-croppedConcrete Washout Containers

Protect the environment with Concrete Washout Containers from Texas Roll Offs. The dimensions of our Concrete Washout Containers are 10 ft long by 2 1/2 ft deep by 8 ft across.  Many building and environmental regulations require that you properly dispose of construction materials and waste, including concrete truck washout.  These containers are designed to catch the washout for cement trucks on your job site.  The washout safely cures in the container and is disposed of or recycled properly