During construction and renovation projects, keeping your job site clean is half the battle. So is avoiding EPA fines once the work is done.

Whether you’re a commercial contractor or a do-it-yourself home renovator, you’ll want to keep your costs low and your mess to a minimum. That’s why you need a partner like Texas Roll Offs. We are Lubbock’s premiere solution for construction waste and debris removal. Texas Roll Offs provides roll off dumpsters and concrete washout containers in Lubbock and across West Texas.

Our concrete washout containers in Lubbock provide a safe, affordable solution for disposal of concrete washout on all types of job sites, from large commercial projects to small home renovations. Our concrete washout bins are 10 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 2½ feet high, making them the perfect size to handle any project for concrete washout disposal in Lubbock.

Uncured concrete contains chemicals that are toxic to our nation’s lakes, rivers, and underground aquifers. Dumping concrete washout on the ground can cause these pollutants to leach down into our underground water supply or run off into nearby lakes and rivers. State and federal regulations can impose costly fines for improperly disposing of concrete washout this way. This inflates the cost of any construction project and causes delays that could have been avoided. Concrete washout must be cured through natural evaporation or a mechanical dewatering process before it can be safely recycled.

Texas Roll Offs concrete washout containers in Lubbock provide the ideal solution. Concrete washout from large cement trucks – or tubs and bins from small home renovations – is safely cured in the bed of our containers and safely disposed of or recycled. You or your contractor fill the bin, and we take care of the rest.

Call Texas Roll Offs today at (806) 577-2745 and we’ll make your concrete waste disposal problems disappear.